Over what now seems to be a long career, in Connecticut, Minnesota, and now California, I have practiced and continue to practice in a wide range of areas, literally A (admiralty) to Z (zoning).

I have handled personal injury matters of various sorts, including medical malpractice. I have handled real estate matters, ranging from real estate transactions to boundary disputes. I have worked on contract disputes and on employment discrimination and wrongful termination cases. I have worked on a wide range of intellectual property matters

I have worked on a range of civil rights cases, including excessive force claims again law enforcement. On the commercial front, I have handled business transactions and bankruptcies. In criminal law, I have handled more than two hundred cases in federal court covering the full range of crimes set out in the United States Code. I have also handled the full range of state penal code crimes in state court as well. I have worked as well on the full range of immigration issues and removal proceedings. I have worked in the area of probate law, ranging from probating estates to will contests. I have worked in the area of divorce law. I have handled administrative law matters, such as social security disability claims and appeals.

I have tried both civil and criminal cases in state and federal court. I have also handled matters in both mediation and arbitration.